Since when has the age 22 had any significance in regards to relationships? Oh right maybe in the 1940’s. Its 2012, not some war era where you have to be married and committed, where a woman is dependant on a mans income and status of being a ‘Mrs’ and where a woman is subjected to ridicule if she’s not in a serious relationship. I do not believe at 22 years of age I should be tied down into some ‘Moral code’ where if a woman is not bound by the shackles of a relationship its a bad thing. People are all too quick to fall in love and label themselves as in a relationship when in reality they probably don’t even love themselves. Im still growing as a person, learning new things about myself & exploring other options. I can assure you nowhere in this growing process have I labelled myself as lonely. Lonely is a world where a mans presence in your life is what you crave. I will learn to love myself before I let myself fall for anyone else. I don’t shut the door of opportunity to meeting someone I can eventually fall in love with, but I certainly don’t hold it open for just visitors. When that right person comes along I will free fall into all a relationship offers. So long as I still have my independence and they accept that the title of being someone’s girlfriend does not mean I turn into their carer and be responsible for them. I have a life and want to live it and if anyone wants to join me for the experience then they are welcome. But anyone who holds me back just cause their my ‘partner’ may aswell invest alot of time, money and effort in creating a time machine back to an era where the woman is a mans obedient observer
Hannah Forsey/ colleague and philosopher -@hannahbeth89
The Break

Why must it pain me so?
How do you mend a broken heart, mind and soul?
I’m told the remedy is time. Pity I don’t have the patience I need right now.
If only it weren’t so hard to muster.

I come home to this big empty house. Once our house. Now, Alone. Still. Stale memories form in the corners like dust piles. I know I should sweep them out but I like the placebo company. I think to myself, ‘so this is what it’ll be like to be alone.’

No hugs and cuddles when I’m feeling low. No kisses to come home to. No synchronized dance around the kitchen as we cook together. All the little things that made me smile. Gone.

Nothing and no one can replace our time. And I will cherish it forever. If only cherishing it didn’t bring so much heart ache.

The end of US.
The end of an era.
The end of a book.

A new age.
A new chapter.
A new me?